Once upon a legend, in a time now long forgotten, there existed the Empire of Lemuria…
Lemuria Legends


Over 20,000 years ago, in a time when much of the human race was following the migratory herds of Mammoths and other large game animals in a simi-frozen landscape, there arose in the equatorial zone of the Western Pacific Ocean the Empire of Lemuria.



The history of Lemuria is classified into three Ages. The “White Age” when the Elder Gods walked the earth and Lemuria was a highly enlightened society. The “Red Age” when magic, steam technology and crystal science reached their zeniths, and the human condition moved from enlightened to a more political power based society. The “Black Age” when Lemuria was destroyed by a natural disaster, and the Lemurian colonies of Atlantis, Thule and others that survived the disaster found their own places in history.



“Lemuria Legends” takes place in the Red Age of Lemuria. A time when the Empire is composed of the Royal House, eight Great Houses and 23 minor Houses. Politically it takes an alliance of three minor Houses to equal the voice/vote of one Great House. Border clashes between the Houses are common, and the Emperor, even being descended from a child of the Elder Gods, has very little control of what takes place in the Empire.